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National Chemistry Week 2013 - Energy: Now and Forever!

The SHArK Project has been featured in the Journal of Chemical Edcucation with the article: Involving Students in a Collaborative Project To Help Discover Inexpensive, Stable Materials for Solar Photoelectrolysis

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This is the website of the Solar Army of the NSF Center for Chemical Innovation in Solar Fuels (CCI Solar) centered at the California Institute of Technology ( The Solar Army is looking for two great catalysts: one to reduce water or protons to hydrogen; the other to oxidize water to oxygen.  We want to use solar energy to capture the energy in sunlight and use it to split water and yield a chemical fuel, hydrogen. Enough sunlight falls on the earth in one hour to power all the energy needs of our planet for a year.  If we can capture the energy in sunlight and use it to split water we will not longer need to burn fossil fuels, will no longer add to the green house gases in the atmosphere, will no longer need to purchase oil from other countries, and will have a sustainable fuel that is renewed every day from the sun. Vist our website to learn more.

The foot soldiers in the Solar Army are volunteers from high schools and colleges across the globe. These volunteers are under direct orders from General Harry B. Gray to join the front lines in our search for the catalysts needed to realize this dream. They are scouring the periodic table for unique combinations of elements that can catalyze the water splitting chemistry that is at the heart of our goal to develop clean, renewable solar fuels. They are one part of our scientific research and will give birth to a new paradigm in energy.

The CCI Solar collaboration includes scientists from the University of California, Davis; University of Wisconsin, Madison; the University of Illinois, Urbana Champlain; Pennsylvania State University; MIT; Harvard; University of Wyoming; University of Texas, Austin; and Standord University. However, the search for catalysts is being done in a 100 classrooms around the US, Canada, Europe and north Africa.  If you want to join our brave explores sign up as a new recruit in the SolarArmy.

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